The Port Everglades power plant in Hollywood, the largest facility of its type in Florida, will be demolished next month and replaced by a cleaner-burning natural gas power plant, Florida Power & Light Company said.

The Port Everglades power plant will be demolished on July 16 and transformed over the next three years into "a new, high-efficiency, clean power plant," FPL said in a statement.

The new power plant will be about 35 percent more efficient in using fuel than its predecessor, cutting CO2 emissions in half and reducing air emissions by more than 90 percent, the company said.

"This important investment has received broad support from the community, environmentalists, business leaders and (the) Florida Public Service Commission - all of whom recognize the significant benefits - including fuel savings, reliability, reduced emissions, job creation and increased tax revenue for the local community," FPL president Eric Silagy said.

The new 1,277 MW natural gas power plant will supply electricity to 260,000 residential and business customers, keep power costs low and create more than 650 direct jobs, FPL said. EFE