The chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Rep. Ruben Hinojosa, told Efe on Wednesday that the House of Representatives will pass an immigration reform bill before the end of August.

"I think that they (in the Senate) certainly have the votes to approve it. In the House of Representatives, I expect that if not by the weekend, then on Monday of next week we'll see the legislation" of lawmakers working to draft a proposal, the Texas Democrat said.

Hinojosa was referring to the House's version of the Senate bipartisan "Gang of Eight" that put together the draft legislation now under consideration in the upper chamber.

The House Gang of Eight still has not presented its version of an immigration reform plan.

The proposal that eventually emerges will obtain at least the 218 votes needed to approve it in the House, although some Republicans are seeking to delay the process, Hinojosa said.

"It's a small group, but the press is helping them by making it seem as if it's all Republicans and that's not the case," he said, alluding to GOP leaders who are seeking to put border security before legalizing undocumented immigrants.

"We've been working for several years on this issue and I think we're going to reach agreement on amendments that will help Republicans to vote in favor" of comprehensive immigration reform, Hinojosa said.

The versions of immigration reform that may be approved by the Senate and the House will have to be harmonized into a single text and this will then have to be approved in both chambers before it can become law. EFE