Thousands of people gathered again Monday in a number of Brazilian cities to protest the rising price of public transport.

In Belo Horizonte, a huge crowd of protesters blocked some downtown streets and marched toward the Mineirão Stadium, where the Confederations Cup soccer match between Nigeria and Tahiti was being played.

The demonstration was followed at a distance by police. At the same time, hundreds of teachers marched in favor of more money being spent on education instead of on soccer.

In Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, thousands of people marched carrying banners in demonstrations that went off peacefully, while in Brasilia the protest rally filled the main thoroughfare where the ministries are located and headed for Congress.

The Sao Paulo Secretary of Public Safety, Fernando Griela, told a press conference Monday that police would not use rubber bullets against the demonstrators following the incidents last Thursday, when dozens of people were injured including several journalists.

Last weekend, protests over the increase in public transport fares were repeated in front of several stadiums where the Confederations Cup matches were being played that began Saturday in Brasilia.

In those cases, the protesters decried the amount of taxpayers' money being spent on the soccer tourney.

There were demonstrations around the stadium in Brasilia last Saturday, and around Rio de Janeiro's legendary Maracana on Sunday, where hundreds clashed with police and were dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Brazil is to host the 2014 soccer World Cup. EFE