At least 23 people including 14 women died in two insurgent attacks, first against a bus of a women's college and then on the hospital in Quetta where the wounded were taken, the local press said.

Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said that 14 students died in the attacks along with four soldiers, the deputy commissioner of the city of Quetta and four of the assailants, according to the daily The Express Tribune.

A large number of people were wounded and a fifth insurgent was captured.

In the first attack a bomb exploded inside the bus in the parking lot of the Sardar Bahadur Khan University for Women as the students were about to return home in the early afternoon.

Killed in the explosion were 14 people, among students and professors, while several others were wounded.

The injured, some of them in critical condition, were taken to the Bolan Medical Complex, which was then assaulted by insurgents who dug themselves in the building and withstood a siege of several hours, during which the four soldiers and the deputy commissioner were killed.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

In a communique, Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attack against the students of the women's college as cowardly and inhuman.

Saturday morning another insurgent attack destroyed the historic building where Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent his last days in the city of Ziarat in the like-named province. One policeman died in the onslaught.

Quetta is the capital of strife-torn Balochistan, where several nationalistic armed groups have been battling for decades to win the region's independence from Pakistan or at least a greater sovereignty.

Balochistan is the largest but least populated province of the Asian nation, and, despite being rich in natural resources like gas and minerals, its development indicators are among the lowest.

According to a recent report by the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies, or PIPS, this province was hit hardest by terrorism last year, with 474 violent incidents that left a total of 631 dead. EFE