Israel Lopez Bautista, an undocumented Guatemalan immigrant arrested here by immigration agents for having returned to the United States after being deported, was released on Thursday after complaints by relatives and activists.

Eric Rodriguez, the head of the Latin Union of Chicago, told Efe that Lopez was released without having to post bail, but the judicial process will continue and he will have to appear before an immigration judge next month.

Lopez had been arrested on Wednesday morning on a corner in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood, where day laborers gather to await potential employers.

"Federal agents asked 10 comrades for identification and they only took away the best-known and respected (person) on the corner, someone without a criminal record and with a lot of support from the people," said Rodriguez.

At a press conference held on Thursday, supporters demanded that Lopez be released, noting that he has three U.S.-born children, so that he could spend Father's Day with his family.

The Chicago office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that this was not an indiscriminate detention, but rather the apprehension of someone who was wanted for reentering the country illegally after a previous deportation.

The ICE statement said that the agency does not carry out indiscriminate actions against undocumented immigrants.

Lopez was held until Thursday afternoon at the Dodge County detention center in neighboring Wisconsin, while activists sought to get Illinois legislators to intercede with ICE on his behalf. EFE