The Instituto de Prospectiva Internacional (International Prospective Institute) analyzes the global reality through diagnostic "mapis" created by a network of specialists that now includes the correspondents of Agencia EFE, Spain's international news agency.

Prestomedia Grupo chief Jesus Gonzalez Mateos joined EFE President Jose Antonio Vera on Thursday at the headquarters of the Madrid Press Association to present the pact giving IPI the benefit of input from the news agency's reporters in 180 cities around the world.

In an ever more globalized society, there is a need for analysis at the supranational and supraregional levels, Gonzalez Mateos said.

Agencia EFE has professionals who are "more than qualified" to do the work of analysis, as well as an international network to disseminate the IPI's findings, Vera said.

The cooperation between EFE and IPI began several months ago and has proven to be working "quite reasonably," the news agency's president said.

The "mapis" are descriptive of current reality and do not pretend to predict the future, the IPI director, sociologist Juan Jose Garcia de la Cruz, said during Thursday's presentation.

The alliance with Agencia EFE "has strengthened the diagnostic capacity very much," Garcia de la Cruz said. EFE