Six Afghan police officers were killed Thursday by another member of the security forces in the southern province of Helmand, an official told Efe.

The police officers, including a major, were at a security checkpoint in the Sangin district, said provincial government spokesman Omar Zwak.

"This morning, a police officer fired on four national and two local police officers," Zwak said, adding that the shooter could be a member of the Taliban who had infiltrated the force.

The shooter fled in a police vehicle after the killings taking with him several weapons.

The insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack and confirmed that the attack was carried out by a Taliban member, the local news agency AIP reported.

In recent months, there has been an increase in the number of attacks on Afghan security forces and NATO troops by insurgents who have infiltrated the Afghan security forces.

Most of the time, the Taliban insurgency has claimed responsibility for the attacks, although there have also been violent incidents apparently to settle scores and soldiers who are opposed to the foreign presence in Afghanistan and who have decided to attack NATO personnel.

The insurgents are fighting to overthrow the Afghan government and force an immediate withdrawal of the international troops deployed in the country. EFE