Eight Brazilian firefighters were charged with failing to properly inspect the nightclub in the southern city of Santa Maria where a Jan. 27 blaze resulted in 242 deaths.

Brazil's national fire rescue service is part of the military and the charges were filed by military prosecutors.

The accusations against the firefighters come in addition to those presented by civilian authorities against the two owners of the discotheque and two members of the band that was performing on the night of the fire.

The fire broke out in the wee hours of Jan. 27 while between 800-900 people were inside the nightclub, whose capacity is just 600, according to investigators.

Police say flammable soundproofing foam on the ceiling caught fire after one of the members of Gurizada Fandangueira lit a flare.

According to the new accusation, a fire department captain, two sergeants and three privates "committed errors in the inspections made at the nightclub" and omitted information about the few emergency exits at the venue, among other things.

In addition, the accusation says that another sergeant with the fire department was also working at a fire prevention firm that provided services to the disco and did not report the risks that were present there.

Military judicial authorities also accused Lt. Col. Moises da Silva Fuchs, who up until March was the commander of the firefighters in Santa Maria, for lapses in supervising his subordinates. EFE