A woman in the San Juan suburb of Carolina kept the body of her husband lying on a bed for 13 months, the Puerto Rico Police Department said Monday.

The skeleton of Marco Rosa Cruz, 75, was found thanks to a 911 call that brought police to the family's home.

Police are investigating a report by the sister of the deceased since she apparently filed a complaint with the Family Department when the wife refused to let her see her brother.

The widow, Josefa Rodriguez, told the media on Monday that the devil had possessed her husband's body, though she gave no clear details about the cause of his death.

Relatives of Rosa Cruz said the woman had repeatedly blocked access to certain bedrooms of the family home, and when she was asked about the state of her husband's health, she would answer that he was "waiting for the time."

Police Sgt. Karen Gonzalez said that when she questioned Rodriguez last Saturday, the widow told her that at first she mentioned nothing about her husband's death because she hoped that God would bring him back to life, but as time passed she grew afraid to tell the true story.

The press reported that Josefa's 19-year-old granddaughter also lives in the house, and apparently knew that the body of her grandfather was lying on a bed in one of the bedrooms.

Neighbors said they were totally surprised to learn of the odd situation. EFE