Sixty-two people were killed and more than 190 others hurt Monday in a wave of car-bomb attacks across Iraq.

The deadliest incident was near the northern city of Mosul, where the detonation of four explosives-laden vehicles left 25 dead and 80 wounded, most of them members of the security forces, an Iraqi police source told Efe.

Three more people were killed in a subsequent gunbattle at the scene.

Three cars exploded near a produce market in the eastern province of Diyala, killing 13 people and injuring 39.

Seven people perished and 16 others were hurt in a car-bomb strike at a fish market in Al Tayi, north of Baghdad.

Another car bomb killed three civilians in Al Tuz, also north of the Iraqi capital.

Four soldiers were gunned down at an army checkpoint in Tikrit, while two assailants died in a similar attack in Samarra.

A car bomb targeting an army convoy northeast of Kirkuk left two soldiers dead and 13 wounded, and a bombing at a police checkpoint resulted in three deaths.

Last month was Iraq's bloodiest in more than five years, with more than 1,045 people killed, according to U.N. figures. EFE