Aeromexico, Mexico's flagship airline, made a last-minute proposal aimed at avoiding a strike by flight attendants, who agreed to consider the offer.

Minutes before a midnight Friday deadline for a deal to be struck, Aeromexico CEO Andres Conesa gave a press conference in which he presented a "comprehensive package" to the ASSA flight attendants' union.

The airline offered to raise the flight attendants' salaries by 4.7 percent, increase benefits by 1.5 percent and set up a commission to prepare a new contract for future hires.

The ASSA, which represents 1,380 workers, is demanding a 5 percent salary hike and a 3 percent increase in benefits.

On Friday, Conesa told reporters that a strike would cost Aeromexico 150 million pesos ($11.7 million) per day. According to the airline's estimates, a work stoppage would cause 300 flights per day to be grounded and affect some 25,000 passengers daily. EFE