Police seized two illegal drug labs in the western state of Michoacan, the Mexican National Security Commission said.

The labs, which were apparently used to make synthetic drugs, were in the cities of Paracuaro and Aguililla, the commission said.

All of the equipment and other evidence seized at the labs were handed over to federal prosecutors, the commission said, adding that the drugs were destroyed.

Officials announced last week that army troops were being deployed in Michoacan to restore order in the western state, which has been rocked by a wave of drug-related violence.

The Caballeros Templarios, La Familia Michoacana and Jalisco Nueva Generacion drug cartels have been fighting for control of Michoacan.

The Caballeros Templarios gang was founded in March 2011 by former members of La Familia Michoacana and deals in both synthetic drugs and natural drugs.

The cartel has been fighting rival gangs for control of turf and smuggling routes in Guerrero and Michoacan states, both of which are on the Pacific.

Michoacan's forests and mountains are used by drug traffickers to grow marijuana and produce synthetic drugs.

Los Caballeros Templarios is suspected of carrying out murders, staging kidnappings and running extortion rackets that target business owners and transport companies in Michoacan's 113 municipalities, officials said.

French food giant Danone and Mexican pharmaceutical company Grupo Saba have decided to close their plants in Michoacan due to the high level of crime and move their operations to the less violent states of Queretaro and Jalisco, officials said.

Snack food company Sabritas, a unit of U.S. soft drinks and snack foods giant PepsiCo, was the target of several attacks in Michoacan last year. EFE