Torrential rains falling Saturday in Texas have caused flooding in the state capital, Austin, and in San Antonio, where at least one person died Saturday while another went missing and more than 100 people were rescued, authorities said.

According to city Fire Department spokesman Christian Bove, a woman was swept out of her vehicle by floodwaters and her lifeless body was found beside a stream.

"Our phone hasn't stopped ringing from early this morning," the spokesman said in a statement on CNN network, adding that his department has taken part in about 100 rescues since the floods began in the downpours that haven't let up since Friday night.

According to weather reports, the cities of San Antonio and Austin were alerted Friday to the cresting rivers and the risk of flooding.

The San Antonio River reached record levels Saturday of over 10.5 meters (34 1/2 feet), while in October 1998 it reached just 9.75 meters (32 feet), the U.S. National Weather Service said Saturday.

The most devastating floods ever recorded in Texas occurred in that year, the result of heavy rains and a column of humid air brought on by Hurricane Madeline, which lashed the west coast of Mexico.

At that time a total of 11 people died in San Antonio, with material damage estimated at some $750 million, according to a city report.

Floods on that October weekend of 1998 left a total of 31 people dead in the whole of south Texas, with 26 drowned, two killed by a tornado, two heart attacks and an electrocution, a report by the U.S. Department of Commerce said. EFE