Two men were arrested Friday at London's Stansted Airport for putting at risk a Pakistan International Airlines flight, which had to be diverted from its course and escorted by two British fighter jets.

Flight PK709, headed for Manchester from Lahore with 297 passengers aboard, landed at Stansted following an incident inside the airliner, which has not been explained and which police are investigating.

Shortly after landing, police said that two men were arrested for putting the plane in danger, but gave no further details.

British media said that while the actual circumstances of what happened is not yet known, any relation with terrorism can be dismissed.

A police spokesperson said that "an incident on an airplane has taken place" and that security forces are responding.

Nor did the defense minister specify the nature of the incident, stating only that it is currently under police investigation.

The scrambling of air force fighter jets to escort the PIA airliner could have simply been a precautionary measure, according to the Sky network.

After landing, the airliner was isolated on the runway awaiting the arrival of security forces, while Stansted Airport continued to operated normally, its directors said. EFE