A Mexican judge ordered eight former officials to stand trial for massive cost overruns in the construction of a monument in this capital.

The defendants are all erstwhile employees of III Servicios, a subsidiary of state oil monopoly Pemex.

Judge Ruben Dario Noguera set bail of 5,000 pesos ($402) for each of the accused, a court source told Efe.

III Servicios was designed by the Bicentennial Celebration Trust to execute the project for the Stela of Light, a tower 104 meters (341 feet) high commemorating the 200th anniversary of the start of Mexico's independence struggle.

Investigators found the eight defendants bypassed the required bidding process.

The accused are also held responsible for irregularities that caused the tower to be completed 15 months late at a cost of 1.3 billion pesos ($104 million), a 192 percent increase from the original estimate.

The Bicentennial Trust attributed the cost inflation to design modifications, the use of stainless steel and the need to import quartz panels from Italy as well as specialized machinery.

The 2006-2012 administration of President Felipe Calderon created the trust to organize and oversee construction of several monuments to mark the bicentennial. EFE