At least 10 people, including 8 police officers, died and 13 were wounded in a car-bomb attack in the western city of Quetta, a Pakistani police officer told Efe on Thursday.

The attack came early in the morning when several insurgents detonated by remote control a car loaded with explosives as a truck carrying security personnel passed by, the officer said.

The attack occurred in Bhosa Mandi, a very populated part of the provincial capital of Baluchistan, and several cars and buildings were also damaged or destroyed by the blast.

The daily Dawn reported that 12 people had been killed and 21 wounded.

According to a recent report by the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies, Baluchistan was the region of the country hardest hit by terrorism last year with 474 incidents that killed a total of 631 people.

Baluchistan is Pakistan's largest and least-populated province and, despite the fact that it has many natural resources such as natural gas and minerals, it ranks very low in terms of its development statistics.

Several armed nationalist groups have been fighting for decades to gain the region's independence from Pakistan or at least greater sovereignty. EFE