Passengers on the Mexico City subway experienced two miracles Tuesday during their commute: the miracle of birth and the miracle of free transportation for life.

While waiting to board the city’s A Line at the Pantitlán Station, Maria Zamora went into labor and, at 8:34p.m., gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy.

Zamora, who was accompanied by her mother Sabina Nieto Meneses, was taken to Mexico City’s Balbuena Hospital for Women following the birth for a review, but appeared to be in good health after undergoing labor.

Auxiliary Police Officer Fabiola Velarde, along with subway security officer Fernando Rodriguez and Station Chief Inspector John Cabrera Gutierrez, aided Zamora before paramedics arrived to assess that she and her baby were stable enough to transfer to the hospital.

The news of the birth set off a chain reaction in the social media world, with the hashtag Pantitlán appearing in numerous Twitter accounts across Mexico and prompting a response from Mexico City’s Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, who granted the newborn free transportation on the city’s underground system for life.

"The baby will have the benefit of using the @ STCMetroDF for free for life # mm" Mancera said in his Twitter account, @ ManceraMiguelMX.

The officer’s who aided Zamora in delivering the little one also received recognition from the city’s government for their help.

The Mexico City subway baby is not the first time that a public birth has led to free transit for life.

In 2009, during an AirAsia flight between Penang, Malaysia, to Kuching, Borneo a woman gave birth to a baby while her plane was 2,000 feet in the air. The plane made an emergency landing to get the mother to the hospital in Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur.

The baby couldn’t wait but the in-air birth did earn the mother, Liew Siaw Hsia, and her child free flights for life.

“To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to present both mother and child with free flights for life," said Moses Devanayagam, AirAsia's director of operations, according to the New York Daily News.

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