5 Gunned down in U.S.


Five people were killed and another wounded in a shooting as a home in the small town of Manchester, Illinois, and police have arrested a suspect, officials said.

The massacre occurred during the night and local police and a team of special agents were dispatched to the crime scene, Manchester Mayor Ronald Drake told KTVI.

The victims could be from the same family, state police spokesperson Monique Bond told the Chicago Tribune.

The suspect fled the scene of the killings in a vehicle prompting a police chase and law enforcement personnel eventually apprehended him in a nearby town, WLDS radio reported.




Chinese police operation leaves 21 dead, including 15 officers


The latest outbreak of violence in China's northwestern Xinjiang region has left 21 people dead and several wounded in a clash between authorities and citizens near the city of Kashgar, the main community of the Uyghur ethnic group, Muslims who frequently fight with the country's overwhelmingly dominant Han ethnic group, officials said.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the town of Banchu, near Kashgar, when several officials burst into a local house seeking "weapons" and found "suspicious individuals" there, who subsequently kidnapped them, officials said.

When a new detachment of police arrived on the scene a shootout erupted between them and the civilians, who were allegedly Uyghurs, and 15 members of the security forces were killed along with six of the suspects, whom authorities said were "members of a gang."




Teachers and activists destroy party offices in southern Mexican city


Teachers in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero and activists from various organizations destroyed the offices of several political parties in the state capital of Chilpancingo, where changes to the state education law were approved by lawmakers earlier in the week.

With sticks and pipes in hand and their faces covered by handkerchiefs and ski masks, dozens of members of the State Coordinator for Guerrero Education Workers, or CETEG, and other organizations first entered the offices of the conservative National Action Party, or PAN.

The group, which led a teachers' march through Chilpancingo's downtown, broke windows, computers and furniture amid the confusion of the people working there, Efe learned.

They did the same at the offices of the Citizens Movement and the Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, both of which are leftist in orientation, and the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.

In remarks to Milenio Television, Chilpancingo Mayor Mario Moreno said the attacks were "very regrettable" and added that the authorities would not allow themselves to be provoked.

In addition, he said that the city does not have "the ability to confront a mob of 4,000 or 5,000" people on the rampage and it will not put its roughly 500 members of the local security forces in danger "to create a conflict."




Colombian drug gang's No. 2 killed in police operation


The second-in-command of Colombia's Los Urabeños drug gang was killed in a shootout with police, authorities said.

Francisco Jose Morela, alias "El negro Sarley," was killed in a rural area outside the northwestern town of Turbo, Antioquia province, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon and National Police director Gen. Jose Roberto Leon Riaño said in a press conference.

President Juan Manuel Santos, for his part, congratulated the National Police for the "major blow" dealt to the Los Urabeños drug-trafficking organization.

The gang's reputed military chief and a suspect in homicides and massacres and the smuggling of cocaine through jungle-shrouded northwestern Colombia to Central America, Morela had been under surveillance for some time, Pinzon said.




Quake injures 6, damages dozens of dwellings in Honduras


At least six people were injured, 120 others evacuated and 66 dwellings damaged in an earthquake and aftershocks in Atlantida, a province on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, the emergency management office said.

An alert has been declared in the cities of Esparta, La Masica and Arizona due to the seismic activity registered in the past few days.

A magnitude-4.7 earthquake hit the Caribbean coast on Tuesday night and was followed by a series of aftershocks.




Police arrest suspect in Russia massacre after massive manhunt


The suspected triggerman in the killings of six people earlier this week in Belgorod, a city in southern Russia, has been arrested, officials said.

Sergey Pomazun was arrested Tuesday night when he tried to evade police on a freight train, the Interior Ministry said.

"The officers recognized him and took action to arrest him, in the course of which one officer was wounded," the ministry said.

Nearly 2,000 police officers, many of them sent from other cities in Russia, took part in the manhunt for the 32-year-old Pomazun.




Russian cargo ship experiences antenna problem on space station mission


The Russian Progress M-19M cargo ship launched from the Baikonur space complex in Kazakhstan was unable to fully deploy one of its proximity antennas, the Space Flight Control Center said.

"That's right, one of the antennas that guarantee the approach to the International Space Station (ISS) did not deploy," a spokesman for the center told the Interfax news agency.

Russian specialists will examine the position of the apparatus when the space ship enters the area monitored by the Space Flight Control Center, the spokesman said.




Building collapse kills 110 in Bangladesh


At least 110 people, the majority of them workers, were killed when a building housing four garment factories collapsed in Bangladesh, officials said.

The collapse of the eight-story Rana Plaza, located on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, also injured between 600 and 800 people, media reports said.

The building collapsed in the early morning hours in Savar, a town about 24 kilometers (some 15 miles) northwest of the capital, deputy Dhaka fire chief Selim Newaj told Efe.

The building collapse is one of the worst industrial accidents in the Asian country's history.

Firefighters, police and soldiers pulled about 150 people out of the rubble, Newaj said.




President asks Letta to form gov't in Italy


Enrico Letta, deputy secretary of the center-left Democratic Party, or PD, was asked by President Giorgio Napolitano to form a new government in Italy.

Letta, who announced plans to resign from the PD leadership last Friday in response to party secretary-general Pier Luigi Bersani's resignation, agreed to serve as prime minister but "with reservations."

The politician plans to hold meetings in the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday to gauge the viability of forming a new government.