A parent’s love has no boundaries – especially when sick children are involved.

Multiple Asian dailies such as the China Daily.com and the Henan Business Daily are reporting the moving story of Zhao Changle, a farmer who was so desperate to pay off his ill son’s hospital bills that he went into nude modeling. 

Changle told the Henan Business Daily that he had no idea what nude modeling was but when he saw he could make 100 Yuan for it ($16.19) for an hour of posing commando, he did not think twice.

"I don't know what art is. But I would take any chance to make money as long as it is legal,"Zhao told the daily.

Changle’s children, a son and daughter, have both been diagnosed with serious diseases.
His son, 22, was told at the age of 11 that he has secondary aplastic anemia, while his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago.

Changle has already spent over 600,000 yuan’s in medical bills for his children but he said he will not give up on them.

"I'll continue to work. After I find the proper marrow and collect enough money for my son's bone marrow transplant, the hardship will stop," he said.  

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