Nicaraguan naval forces and Russian drug enforcement agents seized 100 packages of cocaine on the high seas, state media reported, citing military spokesmen.

The seizure was made 30 nautical miles from Quitasueño key in the Caribbean waters administered by Colombia for 84 years until an International Court of Justice ruling on Nov. 19, 2012, restored sovereignty over the area to Nicaragua, armed forces spokesman Col. Orlando Palacios said.

The cocaine was being smuggled in a two-engine boat and arrests were made, Palacios said, without specifying how many suspects were detained.

Nicaragua's Caribbean region provides a natural smuggling corridor for drug traffickers moving narcotics from Colombia into the United States.

The Nicaraguan armed forces seized 6,870 kilos of cocaine, arrested 143 people and confiscated 52 boats in 2012, the government said.

Nicaragua and Russia signed an agreement to fight drug trafficking.

Russian officials placed the cornerstone for an anti-drug training center in Managua in March. EFE