A little birdie whistled in his ear that he's ready to become the next president of Venezuela.

Venezuelan ruling party presidential candidate Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday at the childhood home of the country's late head of state Hugo Chávez that he felt his deceased mentor appeared to him in the form of a "little bird" and blessed him.

"I felt it here like it was giving us a blessing, telling us: 'Today the battle gets started. Go on to victory. Have our blessings.' That's what I felt in my soul," said Maduro on the patio of Chávez's birthplace in the western state of Barinas.

Maduro, who was accompanied by Chávez's siblings, said that while he was praying in a small chapel on Tuesday morning -- and finding himself completely alone -- the bird appeared and he communicated with it by whistling.

"Suddenly a little bird, very tiny, entered and went three times around me up here," he said, moving his head and imitating the bird's flapping.

The bird, Maduro continued somewhat emotionally, "landed on a wooden beam and began to whistle, a pretty whistling," he said, imitating it.

"I kept watching it and I also whistled to it ... 'If you whistle, I'll whistle,' and I whistled. The little bird looked at me strangely, no? It whistled for a moment, it flew around me once and left and I felt (Chávez's) spirit," he remarked.

Maduro, who has been acting president since Chávez died in March after a 21-month battle with cancer, is seeking victory in the April 14 election so that he can complete the 2013-2019 presidential term that, had he lived, Chávez would have served.

Maduro's opponent is Henrique Capriles, who lost to Chávez in the last presidential election. The latest poll in Venezuela show Maduro leading Capriles by 14 percent.

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