The peace delegations of the Colombiangovernment and the FARC announced Saturday that the continuation ofpeace talks in Cuba, originally scheduled for April 2, will bedelayed until the end of April. Meanwhile the two sides will work"separately" on pending elements of the agrarian problem.

The government and the guerrilla group said Saturday in a jointcommunique that "the delegations will dedicate the first two weeksof April to working separately on the remaining sub-topics of thefirst point" on the peace talks agenda: comprehensive agrariandevelopment.

Negotiators for the Juan Manuel Santos government and theRevolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, began theirdialogue in November 2012 in Havana to put an end to the armedconflict that has not ceased for half a century.

The rural conflict is the origin of the armed confrontation andis considered the most complex of the six points on the negotiatingagenda.

The next subject for discussion will be political participation,and for that the government and the FARC intend to organize a forumin Colombia to open a social debate on this topic, as they did inDecember about land use.

Other points awaiting discussion are the end of the armedconflict, the drug-trafficking problem, aid for victims and theverification and endorsement of agreements made at the negotiatingtable. EFE