The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday rejected an attempt by the state of Arizona to enforce a provision of its SB 1070 immigration law that targets day laborers and their potential employers.

In a unanimous decision, the panel of three judges rejected Arizona's argument that its only interest in applying this section of the law is traffic safety.

The regulation seeks to punish all those people who interrupt traffic or halt an automobile to ask for employment, just as it seeks to criminalize drivers who stop to pick up day laborers.

In its decision upholding the district court's injunction, Judge Raymond Fisher said that this argument would have been all right if it did not focus solely on day workers.

Fisher says that the state of Arizona is more interested in the issue of undocumented immigration than in road safety. In his opinion, he said that this section of SB 1070 seeks to make the lives of people without "papers" more difficult.

Staffers in the office of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Monday that she is analyzing the appellate ruling along with her attorneys. EFE