Three suspected Chechen terrorists were caught in a Spanish-French operation that followed up on the dismantling of a terrorist cell last August in Spain.

The detentions were made Tuesday in Paris, where Elsy Issakov and Mourad Idrissov were nabbed, and in Noyon, 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the capital, where Ali Dokaev was arrested, Spanish police said.

The arrests were carried out by French counter-terrorism agents operating as part of a joint Spanish-French investigation team.

The detentions came as a result of those made by Spanish police on Aug. 2, 2012 during Operation Plomo, which successfully dismantled a terrorist cell suspected of planning assassinations in Spain and other European countries.

On that occasion, after discovering a cache in a town near the southern city of Cadiz, where, according to the remains found, those in custody could have stored explosives, investigators deduced that they were dealing with an international terrorist network with cells in France and elsewhere in Europe. EFE