Seventeen people died in a Taliban attack on a security outpost in the eastern Afghan province of Ghazni, the provincial governor told Efe Wednesday.

The attack occurred Tuesday night in the Andar district, Musa Akbarzada said.

"Ten members of the local police force and seven civilians were killed while they slept at the installation," the governor said.

Authorities launched an investigation and detained some of the guards to question them about why they did not capture any of the insurgents who attacked the base.

The dead civilians were probably relatives of the officers and were visiting, Akbarzada said.

The Taliban leadership has urged its combatants on several occasions to promote the infiltration of rebels into the ranks of the various Afghan security forces.

Last year, this phenomenon became a serious problem both for the government forces as well as for NATO soldiers, who have been the target of a large number of attacks by uniformed Afghans.

Early Wednesday morning, there was another attack in Kabul, where a suicide bomber blew himself up near or on board a bus, wounding 16 defense ministry employees and a civilian. EFE