An Italian man suspected of being a go-between for the Sicilian mafia with Colombian drug gangs was arrested in Bogota, the National Police said.

Iacocomino Tomasso, who went by the alias Salvatore Cafareillo, had previously been arrested in 2006 in Colombia and extradited to Italy, National Police director Gen. Jose Leon Riaño said.

Tomasso served time in Italy on a drug conviction and then returned to the South American country, the National Police chief said.

"He sent cocaine from Colombia to Italy hidden in fruit shipments, and it was later distributed in Europe," the police chief said.

Tomasso entered the mafia in the 1970s, becoming a member of the Eucarianos gang, the National Police said.

The suspect has been a person of interest to Italian police since 1964 and drug enforcement agencies around the world have investigated him as an important player in the illegal drug trade, Leon Riaño said.

Tomasso used front companies to smuggle drugs into Italian ports, "where they were distributed by other members of the criminal organization," the police chief said.

The suspect will be extradited once again to Italy, where he is wanted on drug charges. EFE