Two Mexican Police Charged with Raping Italian Resident of Playa del Carmen

Published February 22, 2013


Two municipal police officers face rape charges arising from a Feb. 12 incident in the Caribbean resort town of Playa del Carmen, Mexican authorities said Thursday.

The officers assaulted an Italian woman who lives in Playa del Carmen, the Quintana Roo state Attorney General's Office said.

The cops came upon the woman and a male friend as they were urinating in an alley in the town's nightclub district. The police threatened to arrest them unless they handed over 3,000 pesos ($236), the AG's office said.

On learning that the pair were not carrying any cash, the cops proceeded to sexually assault the woman, according to the official account.

While the two officers were already behind bars for insubordination, a municipal police major who is also implicated in the rape managed to flee before he could be arrested, the state AG's office said.

Mexico was stunned earlier this month when gunmen raped six Spanish tourists in the Pacific resort of Acapulco.

Less than two weeks later, the Mexican attorney general announced that six suspects had "fully confessed" to the rapes.

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