Police in Pakistan are investigating the country's ambassador to the United States for allegedly blasphemous remarks made in 2010 on a television news program, an investigator told Efe Friday.

The complaint leading to the probe of Sherry Rehman originated with a businessman living in the town of Multan, police official Javed Ali said.

Pakistan's Supreme Court ordered police to look into the complaint.

Remarks deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammed are punishable in Pakistan by death or life imprisonment. While authorities have yet to execute anyone convicted of blasphemy, lynch mobs have killed accused blasphemers.

A Christian woman was sentenced to death for the crime, but her case is under appeal and no execution date has been set.

As a member of parliament in 2010, Rehman proposed a bill to scrap the country's blasphemy law, which was enacted in 1986 under the Islamist military regime of Gen. Mohamed Zia ul Haq.

She eventually withdrew the bill under pressure from own party and amid death threats. Two other politicians outspoken in their opposition to the blasphemy law were slain in 2011. EFE