The governor of the southern Mexican state of Tabasco said Friday that an audit of his predecessor's administration detected 1.9 billion pesos ($151 million) in missing funds.

State officials are preparing to file criminal complaints against the responsible parties, Gov. Arturo Nuñez told MVS radio.

The money disappeared during Andres Granier's 2007-2012 tenure as governor of Tabasco, Nuñez said.

The missing funds were transferred from the federal government to Tabasco, but never reached the agencies for which they were intended, the incumbent governor said.

Moreover, Nuñez said, the debt of the state government stands at 17.7 billion pesos ($1.39 billion), not the 10 billion pesos listed on the accounts of the Granier administration when it left office Dec. 31.

The irregularities were of such magnitude that it's very unlikely they would have passed unnoticed by Granier, Nuñez said.

The cumulative debt of Mexico's 32 state administrations climbed by 11.3 percent last year to the equivalent of $34.2 billion, or 2.9 percent of national GDP, the federal finance ministry said earlier this week. EFE