Internet giant Google rolled out its latest laptop computer, Chromebook Pixel, which features a 12-inch touchscreen and what the company says is the highest-resolution screen of any laptop.

Like all Google hardware, the Pixel runs the Chrome operating system.

With a starting price of $1,300, the new machine will compete with Apple's MacBook Air.

The Chromebook Pixel offers twice the number of pixels as the screen on a standard HD television and is relies on the remote-storage capabilities of Google's cloud.

"We really wanted to step back and say, 'For a user who lives in the cloud, what is the best computer we can design," Sundar Pichai, Google's senior vice president of Chrome, said at the Pixel's launch event in San Francisco.

"It's clear touch is here to stay and it's the future," he said. "Using a laptop with touch seems strange at first, but your day-to-day browser experience starts changing. In our tests, users started replacing the touchpad pretty quickly."

"What you're getting from our hardware in many ways is far superior" to Apple, Pichai said. EFE