A prosecutor with Colombia's Human Rights Unit on Thursday accused the former governor of the northern province of Sucre, Miguel Nule Amin, of being the "intellectual author" of the Macayepo massacre perpetrated by paramilitary forces in 2000.

A spokesman for the Colombian Attorney General's Office told Efe of the decision noting that Nule Amin had been arrested in early 2012 for his alleged key responsibility in the crimes of aggravated homicide and forced displacement.

In the bloody massacre, some 80 members of the Northern Bloc of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, or AUC, reportedly used garrotes, stones and machetes to kill at least 15 unarmed peasants and forced some 200 families from their homes in the town of Macayepo in the northern Caribbean coastal province of Bolivar.

In February 2010, Colombia's supreme court sentenced former Sen. Alvaro Garcia Romero to 40 years in prison for being a "mastermind and accomplice" in the massacre.

The accused, who is the father of brothers Miguel and Manuel Nule and the uncle of Guido Nule, all of whom are currently in prison after being convicted in a corruption scandal involving public hiring in Bogota, was captured on Feb. 18, 2012, at the Cartagena airport as he was preparing to board a flight for Miami.

Nule Amin was previously absolved of the crimes of murder and forced displacement in relation to Macayepo, but the prosecutor said recent confessions by ex-paramilitaries warranted reopening the case. EFE