The bodies of eight murder victims were found within a 24-hour period in this northern metropolis, Mexican police said.

A young boy in Monterrey's Colonia Moderna neighborhood found human remains inside two black garbage bags he came across Sunday morning.

The gruesome discovery was made just a few blocks from the headquarters of the Nuevo Leon state police

City, state and federal cops, joined by elements of the army, rushed to the scene and determined that the remains were those of one man.

Four men, one of them in a wheelchair, were gunned down Saturday evening while gathered outside a home in the Garza Nieto district, where three other males were fatally shot a few minutes later at an auto repair shop.

Authorities suspect both of those shootings were carried out by the same assailants.

Garza Nieto is one of the most violent neighborhoods in Monterrey, a key business and industrial hub that has suffered in recent years amid a vicious turf battle between the Gulf and Los Zetas drug cartels. EFE