The Indian army killed a Pakistani soldier who had crossed the Line of Control in the disputed region of Kashmir, military officials in both countries said Friday.

The incident occurred at noon Thursday in the Nowshera subsector, according to a spokesman for the Indian army, Col. Jagdeep Dahiya.

"(O)ne individual who was dressed in combats and carrying a weapon crossed the Line of Control and fired on our troops. Our troops engaged him in a firefight, and in this firefight, two soldiers have been injured, and this individual was killed," Dahiya said.

The Line of Control, or LoC, divides the Indian and Pakistani portions of Kashmir, a Muslim-majority region whose then-ruler declined to join Pakistan, founded as a state for Muslims, when the subcontinent was partitioned in 1947.

When asked by Efe, a Pakistan army spokesman, Col. Abid Ali Askari, said that "apparently" the soldier "lost his way and wandered into territory under Indian control."

The Indian and Pakistani high commands had a telephone conversation Friday morning to deal with the matter, and in the next few hours a "contact on land" is planned for the return of the soldier's body.

Three Pakistani soldiers and two Indian troops were killed over the course of 10 days last month in clashes along the LoC.

Col. Dahiya told Efe that the armies are choosing to "keep calm" and avoid an escalation following this latest incident.

The two nuclear-armed neighbors have waged three wars over Kashmir and were seemingly on the verge of a fourth in 1999 after a sustained Pakistani incursion into Indian territory. EFE