A blast that killed 14 people on Turkey's southern border with strife-torn Syria was a terrorist attack, the Turkish interior minister said Tuesday.

"Of course, it was a terrorist attack," Muammer Guler told a group of reporters in Ankara in response to a question about Monday's explosion.

The minister said that the vehicle that blew up was an automobile, not a van, as had been reported earlier, and that it exploded after entering Turkey and spending about 23 minutes parked in a zone located between Syrian soil and the Turkish border post.

The blast, which occurred shortly before 1300 GMT, killed 14 people - 10 Syrians and four Turks - and destroyed a score of vehicles.

Guler said that security cameras show three people in the car, two men and a woman, and he added that one of the men remained in Turkey and the other two people returned to Syria, where tens of thousands have died in a conflict that began almost two years ago.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday, in a speech before Parliament, that the investigation into the explosion is still continuing and that his government would take "all the necessary steps" once the matter is clarified. EFE