The FBI's new Special Agent in Charge for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands said Monday that his office is investigating cases of public corruption on this Caribbean island.

Carlos Cases, whose appointment was announced last week, said at a press conference at the federal court building in San Juan that public corruption cases in Puerto Rico are a priority for the FBI.

"I can't go into specific details about the investigations or who is under investigation. What I can say is that we are investigating public corruption at all levels," he told reporters.

He added, however, that the focus on corruption will not detract from the FBI's efforts to address street crime in Puerto Rico, where 100 people have been murdered in 2013 amid battles between gangs over control of retail drug sales.

Cases was decorated for his role in 2010 in Operation Guard Shack, which led to the arrest of 89 Puerto Rico police officers and prison guards.

A veteran of 21 years with the FBI, Cases is the third native Puerto Rican to head the San Juan office. EFE