A ship carrying about 100 passengers sank Friday in a Bangladesh river after another vessel crashed into it, the local Daily Star said.

The newspaper said the shipwreck occurred on the Meghna River near the capital city of Dhaka, and, according to witnesses, several passengers swam to safety. By mid-morning the number of victims was still unknown.

The daily cited a local official, Saiful Hassan Badal, who said that rescue work was underway.

Shipwrecks are frequent on the Ganges Delta, which covers the greater part of Bangladesh territory, and is made up of the mouth of that river together with the estuaries of the Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers.

In most cases, the ships sink from overloading or because they are not seaworthy.

The last disastrous shipwreck in the area occurred last Nov. 7, when 100 people drowned in a boat that went down carrying Bangladeshis and Myanmar refugees of the Rohingya community. EFE