Mexican authorities said a suspect has been arrested in connection with the massacre of 17 members and employees of the band Kombo Kolombia, a crime they attribute to the Los Zetas drug cartel.

"The main line of investigation is that the Los Zetas killed them," Nuevo Leon state security spokesman Jorge Domene told reporters Friday in a press conference.

The suspect was not identified, but Domene said he had been working as an informant for the Zetas, considered Mexico's most violent crime outfit.

Domene said the detainee did not participate directly in the massacre but is believed to have acted as a lookout for the perpetrators.

The 13 members of Kombo Kolombia, three assistants and the band's sound engineer were slain on Jan. 25 and their bodies were dumped in a well in the town of Mina, Nuevo Leon.

State investigators suggest the Colombian-style band may have been targeted because they gave concerts in areas controlled by the Gulf cartel, a rival of Los Zetas.

Kombo Kolombia performed the night of Jan. 24 at the La Carreta bar - in Hidalgo, a town next to Mina - just hours before a group of roughly 10 gunmen showed up in four SUVs and kidnapped 18 musicians and crew.

A band member who managed to escape from the captors subsequently led police to the well where he said the gunshot victims' bodies had been tossed. EFE