Agencia EFE, Spain's international news agency, and Banco Santander signed an agreement Tuesday creating an international internship program to train students in seven Latin American countries, Portugal and the United States via Division Global Santander Universidades.

Agencia EFE CEO Jose Antonio Vera and Santander Universidades corporate projects director Jose Manuel Moreno signed the agreement.

The program, which will initially have a three-year term, will provide 13 paid internships annually to undergraduate and graduate students.

The one-year internships will be awarded in countries where Santander Universidades has cooperation agreements and Agencia EFE has bureaus.

The EFE bureaus in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Chile will have two interns each, while the bureaus in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Peru, the United States and Portugal will train one intern each.

Under the terms of the agreement, the training provided to interns at the EFE bureaus will complement the classroom experience of the program participants, with a focus on reporting on the economy. EFE