Seven people died and 23 were injured Tuesday when a bus overturned on a road in southwestern Bolivia, police said.

The crash occurred on the highway linking the towns of Tupiza and Villazon, some 800 kilometers (500 miles) south of La Paz.

The bus, which was traveling from the central province of Cochabamba to Villazon, apparently was going too fast causing it to flip over and skid for about 50 meters (163 feet) near Tupiza, police Capt. Waldo Vera told the media.

Last month, traffic accidents in Bolivia killed almost 100 people and reportedly injured 303, prompting the authorities to announce that they will increase the punishments for negligent transport companies and drivers.

Among other measures, the authorities will increase fines and suspend operating licenses for companies and drivers found to be at fault in accidents.

In particular, the government will push for such penalties in manslaughter cases. EFE