Five people, including a grandnephew of businessman Antonio Ermirio de Moraes, were killed when a small plane crashed in Brazil's Sao Paulo state, emergency services officials said Monday.

The accident occurred around 8:20 p.m. Sunday in Candido Mota, a city in the interior of Sao Paulo state and some 428 kilometers (265 miles) from the city of Sao Paulo.

Air traffic controllers lost contact with the King Air about 40 minutes after it took off from Maringa, a city in neighboring Parana state.

A search started on Sunday night and the airplane's wreckage was spotted on Monday morning at a soy farm.

A small plane flew over the area in circles and then there was an explosion, residents said.

The pilot dumped fuel and may have been attempting to make an emergency landing, police said.

One of the plane's passengers was Jose Eduardo Ermirio de Moraes, a 29-year-old businessman and grandnephew of mogul Antonio Ermirio de Moraes.

Antonio Ermirio de Moraes, one of the richest people in Brazil, controls Grupo Votorantim, a conglomerate that has interests in the cement, cellulose, paper, mining and petrochemical industries.

Leticia Rogangnoli Assunçao, the girlfriend of Jose Eduardo Ermirio de Moraes, and her mother, Aparecida Romagnoli Assunçao, were also aboard the small plane.

The other two victims were identified as Luiz Marcondes Rodrigues Filho, the 54-year-old pilot, and co-pilot Luciana Aguiar de Costa e Souza.

Police, air force and National Civil Aviation Agency investigators will try to determine the cause of the crash. EFE