City Councilman Antonio de Guindos resigned Monday after being named as a potential defendant in connection with the deaths of five people in a human stampede during a giant Halloween party in the Spanish capital.

Two other officials, municipal police chief Emilio Monteagudo and emergency services director Alfonso del Alamo, were also among the 10 additional people designated as targets of the investigation.

The group also includes Dr. Simon Viñals - the head of the medical team hired by the organizers of the event - and his son Carlos.

The tragedy at the Madrid Arena resulted in the resignation of Deputy Mayor Miguel Angel Villanueva last month.

Earlier, the huge controversy and indignation over the circumstances surrounding the organization of the party also led to the resignation of Councilman Pedro Calvo in November.

The events of Halloween night are being investigated by judicial authorities but it is already known that the crowd on hand at the arena exceeded by thousands of people the venue's legal capacity. EFE