Peruvian police arrested two Ecuadorian and two Peruvian women who were trying to send two Ecuadorian children to the United States, police said Sunday.

Ecuadorian citizens Yolanda Vera, 48, and Karina Morales, 30, along with Peruvians Marina Miranda, 54, and Gisela Balladares, 36, were acting in complicity with an immigration official at the Jorge Chavez international airport to obtain fake passports in the name of the minors, according to the head of the police fraud division, Ruben Casas.

The women have been charged with human trafficking and falsification of passports, and they were presented to the media on Sunday at a press conference.

Casas added that the arrested persons had received $20,000 from the children's parents to send them to New York, where the parents - apparently Ecuadorian emigrants - live.

Police are seeking an alleged accomplice, identified as Juan Jose Canales Duran, with the intention of charging him with falsifying documents in the case. EFE