Wendy, a Honduran residing in Spain, had not seen her 5-year-old daughter for four years, and after waiting 29 hours for Spanish immigration authorities to let the girl leave Madrid-Barajas Airport, now hopes she can stay in the country.

Alexa arrived as a tourist in Madrid on Thursday accompanied by her cousin Dulce, 19, with the idea of spending a weeklong vacation with her mother more than four years after their separation.

The mother says Alexa and Dulce fulfilled all the requisites for traveling as tourists to Spain - they had return tickets, hotel reservations and "enough" money, some 1,300 euros ($1,770) between the two of them, to spend those days in Madrid.

But Wendy started getting nervous when, after waiting hours for the little girl to come off the plane, a friend of hers living in Spain and who had accompanied the two girls on the flight said they were "detained."

With the help of her boss she contacted a group of attorneys of San Carlos Borromeo parish in Madrid, who secured a court ruling to get Alexa off the airliner that was going to return her Friday to the Central American country, the girl's mother told Efe.

The same could not be achieved for her cousin Dulce, who on Saturday had to fly back to Honduras, just 48 hours after her arrival in Madrid and without ever managing to leave the airport.

The attorneys are making every effort to help Alexa obtain residence in Spain and stay with her mother.

One of the lawyers, Diana Galindo, told Efe she believes she can stop the expulsion after the "injustice" of the girl being held 29 hours in Barajas-Madrid Airport.

"Now that she's here, we'll try to keep her here," she said. The lawyer has until Feb. 7, when the little girl has her return ticket to Tegucigalpa. EFE