The soap opera, or "telenovela," continues to be the star television product throughout Latin America and is making inroads in the United States and Europe.

At least that is the opinion of experts in the sector who gathered at this week's conference of the National Association of Television Programming Executives in Miami.

Rafael Fusaro, the president of APA International Film Distributors, said that the soap opera "does not disappoint" when it comes to responding to audience expectations.

Some channels "have up to seven or eight hours of soaps per day, and they solve a lot of things in that way," he said.

Jose Escalante, the director of Latin Media Corporation, said that in Latin America "the dramas, the soaps, the stories of love, passion and hatred work very well" and practically "all the television stations are including this type of format in their programming."

Production and distribution companies also agree that the quality of these productions has improved significantly in recent years, contributing to greater export of the TV productions all over the world.

Mario Rodriguez, the president of Filmedia World Entertainment, noted that "telenovelas" are expanding beyond the traditional love story.

With the passage of the years, "the ... Latin telenovelas are being made with greater quality, 100 percent in HD, without taping so much in the studio and filming on location," he said. 

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