Twelve bodies, including those of at least four members of the Kombo Kolombia band reported missing last week, were found in a well at a ranch in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, officials said.

The bodies of four of the musicians, including Colombian keyboardist Heimer Ivan Cuellar Perez, have been identified, state security spokesman Jorge Domene said.

Investigators also identified the bodies of a vocalist, a saxophone player and a member of the band's road crew, all of them Mexican citizens, Domene said.

More bodies may be at the ranch in the city of Mina, Domene said.

The group, which plays Colombian music, performed at a private function Thursday night at the La Carreta bar in Hidalgo, a city next to Mina.

Relatives of the 16 musicians and four road crew members lost contact with the group early Friday and reported them missing.

The four bodies identified so far all had gunshot wounds, the state security spokesman said.

"We are dealing with a direct attack on the members of this group," Domene said.

Kombo Kolombia is known across the region for its performances of Colombian music and has appeared at the popular Internacional, La Eternidad and El Sabino Gordo clubs, all of which have been attacked by drug cartels. EFE