A fire that broke out in a building under construction Saturday took the lives of 10 workers on Moscow's south side, according to medical services in the Russian capital.

As a result of the blaze, "10 people died and another seven had to be hospitalized," local news agencies cited doctors as saying.

According to emergency management teams, only two people died in the burning building, while eight passed away while being attended by medical personnel.

Local authorities suspect that the workers who were suffocated by the smoke had illegally lived and slept in the same building.

The fire started in the building's underground parking lot where leftover pieces of construction material and trash were piled up.

The emergency management office blamed the workers for the conflagration because they transgressed anti-fire security regulations.

The workers apparently decided to make a bonfire of the accumulated trash to get a little warmth amid the freezing temperatures, which in Moscow on Saturday were down around -15 C (5 F).

Police are trying to identify the fatalities, though newspapers suggest they could have been foreign immigrants from Central Asia, where most of Russia's cheap labor comes from. EFE