At least 10 police died and another 19 people were injured in a suicide bombing aimed at the head of the antiterrorist corps in the Afghan region of Kunduz. The commander was one of those killed in the attack.

A suicide bomber loaded with explosives blew himself up in the early afternoon at the city of Kunduz, capital of the like-named northern province of Afghanistan, and among the injured were five police officers and 14 civilians, according to local police spokesman Ghulam Sarwar.

"Some of the civilians are in a grave state and have been hospitalized," the spokesman said.

Despite being located in Afghanistan's relatively peaceful northern region, Kunduz has several areas inhabited by the Pashtun, an ethnic group from which the Taliban traditionally come, and insecurity has mounted there in recent years.

Though no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, the Taliban tend to use suicide bombings in their fight to bring down the Afghan government, force international troops to leave the country and establish a fundamentalist Islamist regime. EFE