Drug enforcement agents seized 3,826 kilos of cocaine suspected of belonging to Colombia's Los Urabeños gang and bound for the Mexican Gulf port of Veracruz, where the drugs would be received by the Los Zetas cartel, National Police director Gen. Jose Roberto Leon Riaño said.

The bricks of cocaine, which were packed in bags containing a liquid, were seized on Tuesday, Leon Riaño said.

The cocaine is worth $1 billion, the National Police director said.

Investigators identified Los Urabeños as the source of the cocaine because of the markings on some of the packages, which have logos featuring three Xs, a question mark and a drawing of a motorist, Leon Riaño said.

Los Urabeños, which specializes in drug trafficking and traces its roots to Colombia's paramilitary movement, has been waging a war over the past few weeks against the rival Los Rastrojos gang, leaving dozens of people dead in the Pacific port city of Buenaventura and the northwestern province of Antioquia.

Smugglers constantly change their modus operandi for hiding drugs, the National Police director said.

Authorities have seized eight tons of cocaine so far this year, with shipments running between 1,000 kilos and 2,000 kilos, Leon Riaño said. EFE