At least 37 foreign workers from eight different countries died in the attack and hostage-taking at the In Amenas gas plant that was brought to a conclusion over the weekend with a military operation, Algerian Prime Minister Abdelamalek Selal said Monday.

One Algerian citizen died and five workers are still missing, he told a press conference in Algiers.

In his first appearance before the media since the crisis broke last Wednesday, the prime minister said that one soldier was wounded in the operation and seven of the 37 hostages who died still have not been identified.

In the rescue operation, Algerian troops killed 29 terrorists and captured three others alive, Selal said.

A total of 792 plant workers were rescued, 107 of them foreigners, during the assault carried out by special forces.

On Wednesday morning, a heavily armed group of terrorists attacked the gas complex at In Amenas, 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) southeast of Algiers, with the aim of taking foreign workers hostage to transport them to Mali.

Claiming responsibility for the attack was Algerian terrorist chief Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who said that it was staged in response to the international intervention to support the Malian government in its armed conflict with radical Islamic groups. EFE