The mayor of the central Honduran city of Esquias, his father and two other people were gunned down Sunday, police said.

Wenrris Hernandez died after being shot several times near Carlos Miranda Stadium in Comayagua, police spokesman Juan Lopez told reporters.

The mayor's father, Edenis Hernandez, was also killed in the attack, Lopez said.

An unidentified person was wounded in the incident, the police spokesman said.

The other two people killed in the incident were identified as Humberto Oliva and Armando Oliva, but the police spokesman did not say if they were related to the mayor.

Investigators have not determined the motive for the attack, but media reports said the victims may have had an argument with the men who killed them.

The 2011 homicide rate of 92 per 100,000 people in Honduras was one of the highest in the world, a recent U.N. report said.

About 15 violent deaths occur in the Central American country daily, figures compiled by the National Police and human rights groups show. EFE